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Jina Special TUV Certificate

Nitrogen Generator :

Highly pure 99.999% Nitrogen generator for controlling the atmosphere in furnace to ensure decarb control to international standard

Furnaces :

12 Nos of Atmospheric controlled furnaces with stainless steel retorts

Lab equipments :

Metalgurgical microscope with CCD camera having magnification upto 1000x.
The microstructures are compared with SEP-1520 chart


The 4M's


"Employee First" is our slogan. Every employee has pride and dedicated towards company.


Bull blocks Multi Drawing Machines, Centreless Grinding Machines and Highly precision Cold Rolling Turk Heads for shaped wire and bars.


The Raw material source is approved by our customers as well as our company.


Export to Europe consistently for 15 years and also supplying to domestic companies.

Process Flow

  • Raw Material received from approved steel mills is stored in raw material stockyard as per Grade & Bay wise.

  • Every wire rod coil is identified through labels by allotting stock code numbers against every purchase receipt of grade and sizewise.
  • Wire rods are acid pickled, water rinsed & cleaned with high pressure water jet & lime neutralise.
  • The pickled wire rods are annealed in (State of the art) atmospheric controlled pit type annealing furnaces. To get the required microstructure, controlled decarb & mechanical properties.

  • Heat cycles for annealing are set to achieve required microstructure as per SEP1520:1978.

  • Decarburization depth is controlled by purging high purity Ammonia Cracked Nitrogen(Less than 3 ppm oxygen)in the leak proof annealing furnaces.
  • Samples from both ends of each annealed wire rod coil are tested for microstructure and decarburisation
  • Sample from each annealed wire rod coil is tested for Hardness on Vickers machine and also Ultimate Tensile Strength as per the control plan.

  • Annealed Wire rod coils are acid pickled, cleaned with high pressure water jet, phosphate coated and lime neutralized for acid free surface and better rust resistance. It has good lubrication for further drawing process.
  • The phosphate coated wire rod coils are cold drawn as per the customers requirement by using tungsten carbide drawing dies.

  • In-process inspection is carried out by process inspectors as per the control plan for diameter and other dimensions, ovality and surface defects.

  • The drawn and annealed wire is cold rolled through turk heads into various shaped wires as per customer requirements.

  • Sample from each annealed wire rod coil is tested for Hardness on Vickers machine and also Ultimate Tensile Strength whenever customer demand..

  • Grinded Cut Blanks are loaded in the 100% plywood crates and weighed on the electronic crane weighing scale. Each Crate is steel strapped at 4 places

  • Each crate / pallet is properly labeled at four places with the packing details.
  • Finished coils are stacked on the steel rack as per customer wise for easy traceability and loading.

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